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Grow your dealer community in a smartest way. Simplified dealer onboarding process to speed up your dealer recruitment.

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Dealer Dashboard

Create multiple dealer levels in order to differentiate the product price and MOQ.

Individual/Company Type

Allow individual or company to register dealer account and provide supporting documents.

Detailed Profile Management

Customisable dealer profiling to keep you know your dealer in detail.

Dealer Certificate & QR Code

A self-generated authorized QR code & certificate will be issue to approved dealer.


Manage all products information and statistic at a glance and allow your dealers to manage their stock in & out seamlessly.

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Inventory Management

Manage unlimited products with user-friendly inventory management dashboard.

Dealer Stock Flow

View and manage dealers’ e-warehouse stock flow (Stock in/out)in realtime.

Auto/Manual Stock Transfer

Facilitate stock transfer between dealer-dealer or company-dealer automatically or manually.

Unique Product Price & MOQ

Set unique product price and minimum order quantity (MOQ) based on dealer level easily.


Manage all shipping orders confidently and allow your dealers to track their parcel status online anytime anywhere.

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Shipment With Realtime Tracking

Well integrated with 60+ courier partners’ API to track all your orders status in realtime.

Dropshipping Made Easy

To allow dealers stay focus without the hassle of managing inventory, packaging or shipping.

Self Pickup Management

Create multiple pickup points to allow dealers and customers to pickup their orders.

Multiple Courier Options

Simplify your delivery with courier partners for your domestic and international deliveries.


Allow your dealers to monitor their income growth throughout the journey and increase their purchase with E-Wallet balance.

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E-Wallet Management

Allow dealer to top-up e-wallet to simplify and optimise the shopping experience.

Income Wallet Management

To view your commission income and export the monthly income statement easily.

Withdrawal Management

Withdraw the commission income to your preferred bank account easily.

Bank Account (Local/International)

Add multiple bank accounts and set your preferred bank account as default anytime.


Increase your dealers’ earning with personal & group sales commission plan in order to maximize your dealers’ spirit.

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Personal Commission Management

View personal commission in detail to keep the all commission payouts traceable.

Group Commission Management

Automated group commission calculation based ontotal value of group sales generated.

Commission Income Report

To view commission income report in detail and allow the dealer to export it in CP58 format.

Multiple Commission Schemes

Select your desired commission schemes from commission schemes library.


Manage your dealers’ performance based on their team member recruitment & sales performance and reward them handsomely.

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Dealer Performance

View dealer performance in realtime and identify top performance dealer easily.

Team Performance

Monitor team performance and keep motivate team from time to time.

Sales Performance

View the overall sales performance in realtime to monitor effectiveness of the sales campaign.

Recruitment Performance

View the overall recruitment performance and adjust the strategy with supporting data.


Well established dealership powered eCommerce store to manage your dealers and customers in one place.

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Storefront With Your Own Brand

Showcase products in eCommerce store with your own desired brand and domain.

Manage Orders On the Go

Manage all customer and dealer’s orders anytime anywhere.

Flexible and Secure Payments

Allow customer & dealer to checkout with 10+ secured payment options.

Share & Earn With Landing Page

Allow dealer to maximise the income opportunity with unique landing page.


Keep your reward roadmap transparent and realtime is the proven and important method to motivate your dealer community.

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Reward Point Management

Manage the dealers’ reward point in realtime and set your desired reward point name.

Point Redemption Management

Set point redemption rule to allow dealer & customer to redeem with available points.

Voucher Management

Create, issue, and manage vouchers for dealer & customer to redeem during checkout.

Redeemable Gift Management

Add and manage the redeemable gifts for dealer & customer to redeem.


Manage your training courses and materials in one place. Keep extending your dealers’ own limit in long run.

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Training Course Management

Manage training courses to provide e-learning opportunity to uplift dealers’ skillsets

Training Material Management

Manage training materials to allow dealers to download it for revision and activity.

Learning Progress Management

View and monitor the dealers’ learning progress in realtime.

Public/Private Course Control

Organise the training courses and materials based on dealer levels.